2016 plans for Go Drumming

It has been a hectic time over the Christmas period and we are already well into the new year. Go Drumming is excited to announce that we will be out and about in 2016.

The Go Drumming “Powered” Drum Corps of the City of Whitehorse will be competing at the 2016 Victorian Championships on the 3rd of April, giving their brand new custom set of Andante drums their second outing. Go Drumming is also happy to announce that they will be sponsoring Scots School Albury Pipe Band Aggregate Contest. Go Drumming will be supplying the organisers with a large amount of prices.

After that the hard work will begin to get ready for the 2016 Australian Pipe Band Championship which will be held at Knox Grammar School, the first weekend in October.

Stay posted and if you have any drumming needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Buy it, Drum it, Love it.

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