Workshops & Teaching

Do you want to make your drum corps more successful? Do you want to reach your full potential as a pipe band drummer? If you answer these questions with a “YES” you have come to the right place.

Go Drumming offers a variety of services to both individuals and groups. These services are available worldwide.

Band Workshops
Our workshops are a 100% tailored to the needs of your band, taking into account the experience of your members. This can range from start-up to experienced competitive bands. Topics that are covered are:
– Band ensemble
– Tone and instrument maintenance

Individual Lessons
Individual lessons are available for drummers with no experience to experienced solo- and band players. Most common topics are:
– Basic rudimental development
– Music theory
– Composing scores
– Development and improvement of flourishing technique

Please feel free to enquire specific topics.

Online Lessons
It’s now possible to receive drumming tuition from grade 1 drummers on the other side of the world. With technology like Skype and the use of both a webcam/microphone, you can get the tailored lessons you would like to have.

Score writing
Score writing service is available on a band and individual basis. This provides snare-, tenor- and bass score writing on an elementary, intermediate or advanced level.